The Murthy Clinic Foundation Pack

I am often asked in The Murthy Clinic, which combination of treatments would I choose to use? This is why I put together the Platinum combination as it offers everything you need to reach your health goals including testing and support, which is so important to monitor not just how your body is reacting to the implemented changes but how you are adapting as a person. Dr.Vijay Murthy


The Murthy Clinic has put together a Platinum combination containing everything needed for those who are ready and able to invest in their future health to obtain maximum results.


The Platinum combination contain 14 separate elements, which if purchased separately would represent £2370. Each has individual benefits and is designed to be used alone, but purchased together we appreciate you are committing not just a financial investment but an investment in your time to reach your health goals, this is why The Murthy Clinic would like to support you by offering the Platinum combination as an opening offer of £1595 saving you £775.


The individual elements combined in The Murthy Clinic Platinum combination:

·      1 x Consultation with Dr Vijay Murthy  (Clinic or virtual)

·      Health record & supplements review

·      2 x Follow up to check progress and adjust recommendations (Virtual)

·      Detailed analysis post consultation

·      2 x Tests (The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile & The Adrenal Stress Profile Saliva Test

·      1 x Personalised nutrition programme

·      Personalised recipes

·      2 x Phone support calls during the duration of Platinum combination

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