Review of Health Records with Dr.Vijay Murthy

Review of your health records is included within the initial consultation. If you haven’t booked an initial consultation or a follow up and you would like to have your health records reviewed, you could make use of this service. You will be offered a Date and Time.You will send your health records via a designated portal and Dr.Vijay Murthy will review the records you have provided. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes to review your recent health records. In some cases, there may be several health records needing reviewing due to long term health conditions or where multiple reports need reviewing. In such cases upon receiving the record you will be given the time it will take to review, and should it take more than 45 minutes, the charge will be £80 per hour. Typically, in your health record review, nutritional status, disease markers, infection and inflammation markers will be considered from a functional medicine perspective. You will be guided on whether you need any further functional testing lab work and you will receive a set of guidelines on the next steps.

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