Personalised Nutrition Programme

Whether you are an existing client or a new client who is interested in taking up a nutritional approach to improve your health, you can make use of a personalised nutritional programme offered by The Murthy Clinic. If you have already had a consultation with us and where Dr.Vijay Murthy has recommended a specific personalised nutritional programme, you can book a 45 minutes session online exclusively dedicated to the explanation of your nutritional programme. If you are a new client and you haven’t had an initial consultation with Dr.Vijay Murthy but are looking for specific guidelines on any of the below mentioned nutritional programmes, you can book a 45 minute online appointment. You will be sent nutrition forms to fill which you will duly fill in and return online via a designated patient portal. You will be offered a date and time for the online appointment. Dr.Vijay Murthy will recommend and explain the reasons, the process of implementation of an appropriate nutrition programme for you. Your personalised nutrition and detoxification programmes are usually one or a combination of the following;Core food programmeElimination dietAnti-Candida dietCardio-Metabolic diet

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