Initial virtual consultation with Dr.Vijay Murthy

If you are unable to attend the clinic, you can choose our online consultation service. After booking an appointment, you will receive health intake forms from The Murthy Clinic, please complete and send back via your unique designated client portal. Dr.Vijay Murthy will review your forms and may request additional information where needed prior to the consultation. During the 90 minutes initial consultation, Dr. Vijay Murthy will discuss your current and past health, family health history, medical symptoms, sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, lifestyle factors, allergies, medications or supplements you are taking and your health goals. A detailed analysis and clinical assessment will be conducted during this appointment. During this appointment, you will be given an overview of your case from an Ayurvedic and Functional medicine perspective. A detailed explanation of your Functional and Ayurvedic diagnosis if required, can be given using a 45 minute appointment at a later date. During the first consultation, you will be given initial suggestions on what steps to take, as well as test recommendations. Dr. Vijay Murthy will provide a suggested course of action and will provide an initial broad set of nutritional, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. You can start to implement the recommendations straight away.

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